That doctor, I was told, is Alexis Lacout, a Chronic Lyme Disease quack associate of Raoult’s new HCQ-peddling friend, Christian Perronne. Stupid for ASM now that this Yu et al 2006 paper also proved to contain manipulated data. Als Jugendlicher war Didier Raoult ein aufsässiger, schlechter Schüler, der mehrere Klassen wiederholte. We included all adults admitted to medicine for COVID-19 infection confirmed by SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR and / or a compatible lung scanner. - YouTube . Der exzentrische Arzt Didier Raoult ist in der Corona-Krise weltweit berühmt geworden. In this paper, figures were faked by the old glue-scissors-paper method. Wow – this professor at @IHU_Marseille (who blocked me) is now telling his followers that I have blackmailed his institute. The following data was collected from the patient’s medical records: – Patient characteristics: age, sex, diabetes, cardiovascular risk factors, smoking, obesity, chronic lung disease, Charlson comorbidity index (CHF) [11]. The next day the patient was provided with a treatment: HCQ and azithromycin. Simple: back in spring 2020, the French authorities only allowed HCQ treatment of hospitalised COVID-19 patients, a ministerial decree from March 2020 stipulated HCQ only “for severe hospitalised cases, by collegial decision of doctors and under strict medical supervision.” Prescribing it to outpatients to take at home unsupervised was explicitly illegal. Christian Perronne. …et m'a fait une ordonnance d'ivermectine totalement illégale, alors oui, j'ai pas dit non…sur le coup, je me rendais pas compte de la gravité. Since Friday (Oct 23), a very reckless and clumsy repression has fallen upon him. Raoult now declared himself King of Marseille and established his own medical ethics council at IHU. Before this controversy, Christian Perronne was already controversial in the medical community for his opinions on Lyme disease. HERE IS THE STUDY AND THE RESULTS. Your generous patronage of my journalism will be most appreciated! They are all still afraid of him. I contacted you a few months ago to discuss frauds during covid19 crisis and lies by “experts” (on the modelling side, which you seemed not to know well), but I was not expecting that you would fall in all silly obsession of low level agressive haters .. (Lehmann is obsessive, very despiteful, and tells mostly his point of view, rather than “truth”). doi:, “This was a single-centre prospective study conducted from the 18th to the 30th of March 2020. Similarly, AZI with or without HCQ has been shown to be of interest in hospitalized patients with elevated systemic inflammation (CRP level ≥ 100 mg / L), known as a “ cytokine storm ”. No, of course not, this is France after all. The initial clinical study Gautret et al IJAA 2020, and everything which followed from IHU on HCQ topic, has been debunked right when it appeared. Watch Queue Queue. Indeed, home oxygen therapy, as offered by the French platform covidom in patients discharged from hospital during the first wave of the epidemic was interesting. the optimal timing of therapeutic interventions. On a critiqué Didier Raoult après sa première étude, dont il a révélé les résultats le 16 mars dernier, car il n'avait pas 500 malades et un test en double aveugle disponible sous la main. Join Facebook to connect with Didier Tisont and others you may know. My academic CV at:, ” It was published in Frontiers, which kind of fits.”, Thanks for bringing some good humour into this tragedy of science . Then one Bik-follower (@Sgrol) noticed that the original image came from Wikipedia, uploaded in 2007. There, the Marseille Guru provided thousands of mildly ill outpatients with HCQ, while declaring them hospitalised, for which he financially defrauded the French health insurance system and the patients themselves. Excellent Pr Perronne. The patient returned three times to get a blood test, another PCR test, two electrocardiograms. Leben Werdegang. The Marseilles scientist, with his slightly crazy charisma, has crystallized on his image and on his person a whole French aspiration for a renewal of the elites. For starters, Raoult and his IHU subordinates (e.g., Eric Chabriere, Philippe Parola, HCQ evangelist on French TV, Philippe Gautret, first author of the HCQ studies, Jean-Marc Rolain, Editor-in-Chief of the ISAC journal those were published, Bernard Davoust, veterinary professor in the rank of army general) had been running various clinical studies with homeless people in the Marseille area. – Characteristics of the infection: time between symptom onset and admission, presence of superinfection, C-reactive protein (CRP) and white blood cell count (WBC) on admission, percentage of lung lesions at scan if necessary, positive PCR amplifying the beta-coronavirus E gene and the SARS-CoV-2 RdRp gene on a nasopharyngeal swab or sputum. There is also confusion about which institution or ethical board approved the study. Didier Raoult est l’unique chercheur au Monde qui a une piste pour nous sauver. Raoult also sings “I have no regrets”. PROFESSOR PERRONNE DISCOVERS THE SAME RESULTS FROM HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE AS DIDIER RAOULT. Watch Queue Queue In brief, Raoult staged an illegal clinical trial with actual patients to prove that chloroquine works, which was published on 20 March 2020 as Gautret et al IJAA 2020, in the ISAC journal whose chief editor is Raoult’s IHU subordinate. Dans ce groupe, il y avait aussi Xavier Azalbert de France-soir ainsi que des membres de l'IHU-MEric Chabrière et Yaniss Roussel (chargé de communication de Didier Raoult). Le 24 juin dernier, Didier Raoult était longuement auditionné par l’Assemblée nationale. Produktbeschreibungen Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende. . Leonid Schneider is creating Independent Science Journalism. 13,99 € Ce virus qui rend fou : essai (essai français) (French Edition) Bernard-Henri Lévy. How come Raoult’s name fell off between the accepted manuscript and the published paper? This is how he did it: Lehmann got the scoop from the former patients of Raoult’s IHU. No COVID-19 restrictions apply, and there’s enough chloroquine for everyone. Lehmann published on 10 March 2021 an investigative scoop in Liberation. Prior to the start of HCQ or AZI, patients routinely had an electrocardiogram (ECG) to assess the QT interval corrected using the Framingham formula, and monitored twice a week throughout treatment, as well as serum potassium levels. Well, the picture has been created in 2007. Regards. Paolo Macchiarini indicted for aggravated assault in Sweden, Chloroquine genius Didier Raoult to save the world from COVID-19, “Criaremos na Unicamp um escritório permanente de integridade em pesquisa para proteger a sociedade e o pesquisador”, afirma Mario Saad, Citizens For Responsible Care and Research (CIRCARE), Follow For Better Science on, How the International Society for Microbial Chemotherapy (ISAC) became a Raoultian, Running a clinical trial without ethics approval, in fact against a negative ethics vote, Illegally prescribing HCQ to non-hospitalised COVID-19 patients, Defrauding health insurances and patients. Produktbeschreibungen Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende. Bik noticed: “Surprisingly, the IRB approval number listed in this paper (2010-A01406-33) is used for at least 17 studies, including this one. It’s pretty clear… In der Gegenöffentlichkeit wird am Umgang mit Didier Raoult und seiner Behandlungsweise von Covid-19-Erkrankten exemplarisch gemacht, wie Big Pharma in … Print . – Derived variables: moderate lymphocytopenia was based on a number of lymphocytes with a threshold of 1000 / mm3 and high systemic inflammation was defined as a threshold of CRP ≥ 100 mg / L. All the patients requiring oxygen systematically received a beta-lactam for at least 5 days, preferably using ceftriaxone or cefotaxime to treat possible superinfection. 4,0 von 5 Sternen 9. I think I can explain. Like this, reusing the exact figure from an earlier paper Angelakis et al Plos One 2012: Carole Eldin, Emmanouil Angelakis, Aurélie Renvoisé, Didier Raoult Coxiella burnetii DNA, but not viable bacteria, in dairy products in France American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (2013) doi: 10.4269/ajtmh.12-0212. Does this apply to Didier Raoult? What Lehmann uncovered is truly explosive. Kindle Ausgabe. Patients who received lopinavir-ritonavir were not assigned to any treatment group, as this antiviral drug has shown no benefit for the treatment of COVID-19. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Kindle Ausgabe. observed 15/15 favorable results in a subgroup of patients receiving HCQ with AZI. In addition, 500 mg of azithromycin was prescribed on the first day, followed by 250 mg for 4 days. It was ordained by the International Society for Microbial Chemotherapy. T U S A " tra Arte, Storia e Tradizione" Art Museum. Why not chemical castration (to escape COVID-19)? Another study plan published by Lagier et al. Briançon Passion. Every consultation was recorded as a short hospitalisation. It was performed in accordance with the good clinical practices recommended by the Declaration of Helsinki and its amendments. W Xu , D Raoult Production of monoclonal antibodies against Rickettsia massiliae and their use in antigenic and epidemiological studies Journal of Clinical Microbiology (1997) doi: 10.1128/jcm.35.7.1715-1721.1997. Cet article fakenews repose sur un mensonge : l'IHU n'émet aucune facture pour les actes médicaux réalisés en ses murs. Most therapeutic trials, unfortunately, have been carried out in hospitalized patients, which is to say probably often too late, because the patients are in the early inflammatory phase. The exclusion criteria were: i) patients directly admitted to the ICU; ii) patients discharged from the intensive care unit to a medical ward; iii) opposition to the collection of data expressed by the patient.Data gathering. We conducted a single-center and retrospective study, from March 5 to April 25, 2020, on adults admitted to our medical services at a higher university hospital, namely … Personal Blog. Indeed, the potential antiviral activity of azithromycin is consistent with previous in vitro studies concerning SARS-CoV-2 or H1N1-pdm09 and a randomized clinical trial in the prevention of respiratory infections in children [21]. Patricia Renesto, Pierre Dehoux, Edith Gouin, Lhousseine Touqui, Pascale Cossart, Didier Raoult Identification and Characterization of a Phospholipase D–Superfamily Gene in Rickettsiae The Journal of Infectious Diseases (2003) doi: 10.1086/379080. The Chloroquine Druid himself tweeted that it was all fake news anyway. This constitutes both research fraud and plagiarism. The first author Jerome Dellacasagrande explained on PubPeer that all concerns were misguided. It remains to be seen if this will go as unpunished as Chabriere’s other murder threats. Cinq ans après, Didier Raoult et Christian Perronne nous rejouent pourtant à leur manière le running gag des Guignols sur le couple Balkany. Additionally, the authors discussed that the speed with which patients entered the intensive care unit (within 48 hours) may have underestimated the effectiveness of treatment. The National Council of the Order of Physicians (Cnom) filed complaints against six doctors at the beginning of December, including the very media Didier Raoult, Christian Perronne and Henri Joyeux, revealed the medical news agency (APM) (paid item) and The Parisian, Monday December 21.The Cnom did not officially confirm these complaints, but retweeted the message from the MPA announcing them. 39.9• « laissez les médecins prescrire » entretien exclusif avec le Pr Christian Perronne. Christian Perronne : "Les tirs de barrage reçus par Didier Raoult sont aussi liés à des querelles d'égos" Entretien Nevertheless, the delays between admission and transfer to intensive care were similar between the 2 periods, which minimizes this confounding factor. One year after her first scoop and undeterred by constant threats against her from Chabriere and even Raoult himself, Elisabeth Bik had another look at Didou’s publication output. The patients were eligible for an anti-infectious agent supposedly effective against COVID-19 (HCQ, AZI, lopinavir-ritonavir), regardless of laboratory abnormalities and taking into account the following indications: i) patient with clinical pneumonia confirmed by SARS-CoV PCR -2, requiring oxygen therapy (regardless of CT scan results); ii) high suspicion of COVID-19 pneumonia based on clinical presentation and / or lung CT scan showing ground glass opacity affecting ≥ 10% of the whole parenchyma. 88 vidéos disponibles pour Didier raoult 03:34:17 Entrenôtre #9 avec Louis Fouché @REINFO COVID 2020 & @Jean Robin1: propagande, manipulation de masse . Some of his coauthored studies may be actually good, because IHU is a big place where good people may have once productively worked before they were bullied, harassed, abused sexually and racially, and finally chased out, while the IHU director Raoult put his name on everything coming out of his institute. And then of course, there was research fraud. Another old paper shows how data falsification happened at IHU aven before Photoshop. The megalomaniac Raoult sees himself as a cross between General Charles De Gaulle and Edith Piaf. The Marseilles scientist, with his slightly crazy charisma, has crystallized on his image and on his person a whole French aspiration for a renewal of the elites.Since Friday (Oct 23), a very reckless and clumsy repression has fallen upon him. Kindle Ausgabe. It is likely, Raoult himself knew about the illegal ivermectin prescriptions and didn’t mind. Many factors could be involved in improving care, including the implementation of a routine pulmonary scanner, better management of oxygen therapy in the medical room and possibly anti-infective agents. All participants gave a written informed consent.“. The crook never had any real ethics approval for all these many studies he did with the homeless people, for a decade! This is research fraud. Florist. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin could have an impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally. Why not chemical castration (to escape COVID-19)? This is what my anniversary article is about. Here more Raoult shenanigans found by Bik which I already added as update to my old article. Additionally, given the inherent limitation of a descriptive study with a limited sample size (n = 132), we were unable to infer causality in the association between the use of AZI ± HCQ and improved prognosis in COVID-19 patients . Nails by Sara. He became his own authority. Another unethical clinical trial. One of them felt COVID-19 symptoms in March 2020 and went to IHU, where he was tested positive with the coronavirus. ( Log Out /  Le Pr. 92,384 Views . In most of 2020, the Marseille region was much less affected by the pandemic compared to Paris and the north of France, yet it had 41% of France’s “hospitalisations de jour” for COVID-19. Also, research fraudsters are very good in stealing, this is what makes some of their work reproducible. Chloroquine and HCQ were shown to be utterly ineffective in all properly run COVID-19 clinical trials, hardly anyone speaks of that drug these days, the world moved on to new quackeries. Even if one can clearly see splice edges where paper printouts of gel bands were glued together. Raoult de fraude ! Our study shows that the unfavorable outcome (transfer to an intensive care unit and / or death) decreased over time during the management of the first wave of the epidemic and was associated with an increase in performing a lung scan and prescribing anti-infective agents despite an increased need for oxygen therapy on admission. As I was informed, there is a simple yet sinister reason for this confusion. At one point, Raoult and his IHU colleagues nicked a picture off Wikipedia, re-arranged it, and then passed it off as different things, twice. 39.9• « laissez les médecins prescrire » entretien exclusif avec le Pr Christian Perronne. Maybe it kind of makes sense that the relevant French ethics forum La Conférence Nationale des Comités de Protection des Personnes published in February 2021 a position paper denouncing the illegality of using children for clinical trials with HCQ without an ethics approval. Yes. Kindle Ausgabe. Bar Pasticceria Rosticceria Gelateria Franco Antonino. He wrote to the French medical authorities, the public health insurance services, and even the government that there seemed to be suspiciously many “hospitalisations de jour”: “In accordance with the decree of March 23, 2020 amended, applicable during the carrying out of these studies, and which reserved the use of hydroxychloroquine in hospital setting, Professor Raoult tells us that he hospitalized certain patients in hospitals on daily basis, which raises questions about the unjustified hospitalization costs associated with prescriptions. That doctor, I was told, is an associate of Raoult’s new HCQ-peddling friend, Christian Perronne. ( Log Out /  C.Perronne : "Ça choque nos élites parisiennes qu'à Marseille on ait bien mieux fait !" Yuefei Yu, Malgorzata Kowalczewska, Philippe Decloquement, Claude Nappez, Bernard La Scola Production of monoclonal antibodies to Tropheryma whipplei and identification of recognized epitopes by two-dimensional electrophoresis and mass spectrometry Journal of Clinical Microbiology (2006) doi: 10.1128/jcm.01714-06. 5,0 von 5 Sternen 1. If you are interested to support my work, you can leave here a small tip of $5. Didier Raoult se află în centrul unei controverse pentru că a criticat foarte dur modul în care a fost gestionată criza provocată de pandemia de coronavirus, de către autorităţi. Cuvintele lui au determinat consiliul departamental al Ordinului Medicilor să apeleze la jurisdicția disciplinară. In addition, we observed a better favorable evolution over time linked to an increase in the number of pulmonary CT scans performed (not recommended at the start of the epidemic in our hospital) and therefore a more relevant prescription of anti-infectives. The study was approved retrospectively, and by Raoult’s own private ethics committee at IHU, a body is not only illegal but which probably doesn’t even exist anyway. However, it was performed in a hospital specializing for decades in the treatment of infectious diseases, intensive care and rehabilitation. A primit ceea ce numim ”inserții”. Didier Raoult našao se u središtu polemike zbog toga što je kritizirao način na koji su francuske vlasti upravljale krizom i zbog sukoba interesa u međunarodnom istraživanju o liječenju covida-19. Yes. Raoult has also found some high-level support in the medical world. Which meant an already accepted paper by Raoult would have to be withdrawn, which was avoided by removing him from the authors list. We suggest that in the event of a second wave, it might be relevant to introduce telemedicine monitoring of vital signs, including home pulse oximetry. [18], partly composed of outpatients, revealed a favorable outcome and a decrease in virologic excretion using the combination HCQ with AZI in a large sample (n> 3000), in a majority of patients with mild lymphocytopenia (≥ 1000 / mm3). President’s Award for Outstanding Creative Activity, The Monsanto Papers: a wrong book on glyphosate, Towards equal opportunity for prostate, breast and ovarian cancers, Coronil and other peer-reviewed Ayurvedic scams, Didier Raoult fraud: "Je ne regrette rien". Order of physicians: Pr Raoult and Perronne targeted by a complaint Paris (AFP) The National Council of the Order of Physicians lodged a complaint in early December against six doctors, including professors Didier Raoult and Christian Perronne, after comments deemed controversial on the Covid-19 epidemic, he said Monday evening. February 24 at 8:49 AM. It was ordained by the International Society for Microbial Chemotherapy. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Der angesehene Professor Christian Perronne sprach über den Diebstahl live in einem der 24/7-Infokanäle ... Der französische Professor Didier Raoult, Biologe und Professor für Mikrobiologie, spezialisiert auf Infektionskrankheiten und Direktor des IHU Mediterranee Infection Institute, posiert in seinem Büro in Marseille, Frankreich. Respected Professor Christian Perronne talked about the theft live in one of France’s 24/7 info channels: ... French professor Didier Raoult, biologist and professor of microbiology, specializes in infectious diseases and director of IHU Mediterranee Infection Institute, poses in his office in Marseille, France. […]. Ethics statement: Employing ivermectin early on may reduce the number of people progressing to severe disease. The studies vary from collecting lice, treating subjects with drug-impregnated underwear, filling out questionnaires, medical exams, to nasal and pharyngeal sampling, skin swabbing, blood draw, rectal samples, sputum collection, and chest X rays. Local Business. And now, a very interesting case of data manipulation. Can one go to jail for it? But recently, Raoult has been finally kicked where it hurt. This suggests that the medical care of patients with COVID-19 has improved over time in our hospital. Here by same first and last authors: P Renesto, J Gouvernet, M Drancourt, V Roux, D Raoult Use of rpoB gene analysis for detection and identification of Bartonella species Journal of Clinical Microbiology (2001) doi: 10.1128/jcm.39.2.430-437.2001, Jérôme Dellacasagrande, Eric Ghigo, Sarah Machergui-El, Hammami, Rudolf Toman, Didier Raoult, Christian Capo, Jean-Louis Mege alpha(v)beta(3) integrin and bacterial lipopolysaccharide are involved in Coxiella burnetii-stimulated production of tumor necrosis factor by human monocytes Infection and Immunity (2000) doi: 10.1128/iai.68.10.5673-5678.2000. Christian Perronne. Interestingly, our study focuses on the potential benefit of treatment with azithromycin not combined or not according to certain biological parameters. Les plaintes du Conseil National de l'Ordre des Médecins pour "charlatanisme" visent outre les Prs Didier Raoult et Christian Perronne, Henri Joyeux, cancérologue à la retraite, la docteure Nicole Delépine, ancienne oncologue pédiatrique à Garches, le docteur Nicolas Zeller, médecin généraliste, et le docteur Rezeau-Frantz, également généraliste. Alimentari Lombardo SNC TuSa. But in 2010, a new law in France stipulated that ethics approvals for clinical studies must be obtained externally, from a randomly assigned Comité in France. Kindle Ausgabe. Didou and his HCQ gang at IHU are untouchable, because it seems it’s not just the fascists in politics, medicine and academia who support them, but likely also the French military. by Leonid Schneider October 26, 2020 9. ( Log Out /  To be fair, neither Chabriere nor Roussel are medical doctors, but they are also totally devoted to Raoult who in turn is a control freak. Bar. Even Bik cannot catch everything. The Pr Perronne discovers the same results of hydroxychloroquine as Didier Raoult. Didier Raoult in Christian Perronne Med profesionalizmom in teorijami zarote Zdravniki na zatožni klopi Covid-19 v Franciji: Tožbe zaradi domnevno spornih izjav o novodobni bolezni in medicinskih pristopov. Internet users are wondering about the reality of a scientific conference around Covid-19 scheduled for January 2021, in Switzerland, supposed to bring together Didier Raoult, Christian Perronne and other celebs Didier Raoult, auditioned by the Senate, September 15. But nothing happened so far, because of Raoult’s nationalist friends in high places. She found more fraud. Now Bik found even more research fraud, while a French doctor, Christian Lehmann, exposed a gigantic criminal scam Raoult had been running in order to fabricate his clinical trials with HCQ. It’s a major breakthrough for the people of South Africa because we’ve been very adamant that ivermectin can assist in this pandemic. This video is unavailable. If this clinical trial with HCQ is not an intervention, what is? 4,0 von 5 Sternen 9. Excellent Pr Perronne. Due to the lockdown, it appears that patients were admitted later in the second period than in the first period of the outbreak and this could explain why they needed more oxygen therapy initially. 9, 2020 , 5:45 PM. By Yves Sciama Apr. Change ). Some months later, he received a bill, €1264 euros for each visit, around €3800 in total, roughly ten times more than this kind of outpatient treatment usually costs. The director of the IHU Méditerranée Infection research hospital and almighty professor at the Aix Marseilles University postulated in March 2020 for the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to be the cure for COVID-19. Professeur Didier Raoult. Covid-19 : pour le Professeur Didier Raoult, le vaccin AstraZeneca n'est pas efficace contre les nouveaux mutants. This is extra-ordinary disappointing to see that you do not check seriously your data and have not seriously followed international studies on topics you write about. Les plaintes du Conseil National de l'Ordre des Médecins pour "charlatanisme" visent outre les Prs Didier Raoult et Christian Perronne, Henri Joyeux, cancérologue à la retraite, la docteure Nicole Delépine, ancienne oncologue pédiatrique à Garches, le docteur Nicolas Zeller, médecin généraliste, et le docteur Rezeau-Frantz, également généraliste. Le Pr. Chabriere reacted by claiming that Bik has been extorting IHU for money. Le Pr. L'Eveilleur Quantique posted a video to playlist Dr Didier Raoult. The Didier Raoult phenomenon is now a kind of counter-power in France. With the help of a medical IT expert, Lehmann found online evidence that Raoult’s IHU had been billing outpatients for fake hospitalisations since the beginning of the pandemic. Thi Loi Dao, Van Thuan Hoang, Tran Duc Anh Ly, Amal Magmoun, Naomie Canard, Tassadit Drali, Florence Fenollar, Laetitia Ninove, Didier Raoult, Philippe Parola, Johan Courjon, Philippe Gautret Infectious disease symptoms and microbial carriage among French medical students travelling abroad: A prospective study Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease (2020) doi: 10.1016/j.tmaid.2019.101548, “A monocentric prospective cohort survey was conducted between June and August 2018 among medical students from the Faculty of Medicine of Aix Marseille University, France, who were planning to undertake an internship abroad during the summer months.

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