11 SMP vehicle. Une équipe ne peut bénéficier de plus de deux invitations d'après ses résultats. 66 Ford led LMGTE Pro with a 3 minutes, 49.530 seconds time after a faster lap from García's No. Post-testing balance of performance changes, Mikhail Goikhberg's automatic entry was transferred to. Les dates du WEC 2021 : 13-14 Mars : Essais de pré-saison, Sebring (Etats-Unis) [32] Krohn was transported to The Centre Hospitalier Du Mans for observation and FIA medical personnel advised him to desist from racing for one week. Après deux heures de course, les Toyota TS050 augmentent leur avance sur les poursuivants. 85 Keating car overtook Christian Ried's No. - Motorsport.com, vidéos de 24 Heures du Mans [26] Kobayashi set the fastest lap late on at 3 minutes, 19.647 seconds with his teammate Buemi in second. 56 Project 1 and Julien Andlauer's sister Dempsey-Proton cars. [61] Felipe Fraga's No. It was later disqualified for an oversized fuel tank and Project 1 Racing's Porsche of Jörg Bergmeister, Patrick Lindsey and Egidio Perfetti inherited the class win. [62], At the start of the seventh hour, Laurent's No. Les voitures, non invitées aux ’24 Heures du Mans’ 2017 mais qui entrent dans le cadre d’expérimentations liées à l’épreuve ou au Championnat du Monde d’Endurance de la FIA. 92 Porsche to the class lead. - Motorsport.com, vidéos de 24 Heures du Mans They were 41 points ahead of their teammates Conway, Kobayashi and López in second position. [24], For the LMGTE Pro class, the Porsche 911 RSR and BMW M8 GTE had respective ballast increases of 2 kg (4.4 lb) and 9 kg (20 lb) and less turbocharger boost curve for lower performance. The two lead Porsche cars in LMGTE Pro drew to near half a minute behind Pier Guidi's Ferrari. 1 car fifth. The 2020 race will run on June 13-14. 51 AF Corse Ferrari to Vanthoor's No. [7] 38 points were available for the final race, which meant Conway, Kobayashi and López could win the LMP Drivers' Championship if they won and Alonso, Buemi and Nakajima finished eighth or lower. The Ferrari and Aston Martin LMGTE Am cars had no performance changes.[46]. The No. Directeur de Course. Cetilar (#47) était en ELMS en 2018, sera en WEC en 2019-2020, mais ne sera dans aucun championnat au moment des 24H du Mans 2019. 88 Dempsey-Proton car against a barrier, which necessitated a full course yellow flag to recover it to the pit lane. 7 car's issue to its lost win on the final lap in 2016 and him finishing second in the Formula One World Championship three times, "When you arrive at the last moment and you are unable to finish the job, you feel bad and I feel sad. 63 Corvette after the latter made a pit stop and had to stop at the exit to the pit lane. [12][13], On 11 February 2019, the ACO announced the initial list of automatic entries. 3 Rebellion cars. Afin de promouvoir les nouvelles technologies, l’ACO peut inviter un concurrent présentant une voiture innovante, en catégorie « Garage 56 », ne répondant pas aux règlements techniques du championnat du monde d’endurance de la FIA 2018-2019. 38 car of Stéphane Richelmi went faster to go second and Lapierre fell to third after his electrical system was repaired. [26] Toyota led the morning session with a lap of 3 minutes, 21.875 seconds from Buemi. James French a rejoint l'écurie portugaise Algarve Pro Racing pour laquelle il roule en European Le Mans Series. I am really sorry for them. The Aston Martin's turbocharger boost was reduced and its fuel capacity lowered by 2 l (0.44 imp gal; 0.53 US gal) to reduce its performance. Toni Vilander's No. Nick Tandy's No. En LMP2, Timothé Buret, qui reste sur 3 participations consécutives aux 24 Heures du Mans roula pour le Panis-Barthez Compétition. 92 Porsche to the class lead from Serra on pit stop strategy. [90] As it occurred late on the track, he was able to make a pit stop; Toyota switched only one tyre to lessen the time lost in the pit lane. [18] The Spirit of Race team announced the withdrawal of their Ferrari 488 GTE Evo on 21 March, citing "an unavoidable family commitment" as the reason. 7 Toyota's 339 laps led was the most of any car. Déjà très a l'aise l'année dernière, Paul-Loup Chatin a signé le meilleur temps en 3:28.363 au volant de la voiture no 48 de l'écurie IDEC Sport en devançant la voiture no 31 pilotée par Anthony Davidson de l'écurie DragonSpeed de 367 millièmes. Vergne recorded the fastest LMP2 lap at 3 minutes, 28.763 seconds, which was 1.4 seconds faster than Duval. So It's Being Held Twice", "Commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the Le Mans 24 Hours", "An insider's guide to the Le Mans 24hours: how to experience the ultimate endurance race in style", Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile, "So Just Who Is In A WEC Title Hunt Going Into Le Mans? Lapierre and Albuquerque were second and third in class. 7 Toyota's best lap for second. Malheureusement, quelques minutes plus tard, une sortie de piste impliquant Tracy Krohn, aux mains de la Porsche 911 RSR no 99 de l'écurie Dempsey-Proton Racing, dans la seconde partie des hunaudières a engendré un régime du drapeau rouge pour plus de 45 minutes. [40] Sarrazin could not improve and SMP's No. [72], Orudzhev's third-placed SMP BR1 lost control on the exit to the Porsche Curves and crashed rearward into an outside tyre barrier at high speed. Dans la catégorie LMP2, les Oreca 07 ont mené les débats en réalisant les 5 meilleurs temps de la séance. Retrouvez le résumé de la première séance qualificative des 24 Heures du Mans 2019. 64 Corvette. ", "The 2019 Le Mans 24 Hours: Who's Already On The List? Reserve entries were ordered with the first replacing the first withdrawal from the race, regardless of the class and entry. [15], For the 2019 event, the list of race entries was revealed in two stages: the first 42 cars were announced on 11 February with the rest of the field and 10 reserve cars in the LMP2 class and the two LMGTE categories announced on 1 March. [64][65] Fässler was unhurt and FIA personnel performed a precautionary CT scan on him at the circuit's medical centre. [42] It was Toyota's third pole in a row at Le Mans since the 2017 race; Conway and Kobayashi's second and López's first. [8] The LMP1 Teams' Championship and the GTE Manufacturers' Championship had already been won by Toyota and Porsche, respectively. [56][57] Van Uitert recovered the lost time he had lost in the pit lane and retook the lead from the Signatech car, now driven by Pierre Thiriet, into the first Mulsanne Straight chicane. [40][41] Maldonado improved his best lap to 3 minutes, 26.490 seconds to keep the DragonSpeed team ahead in LMP2. Les 24 Heures du Mans 2019 sont la 87e édition des 24 Heures du Mans et la 8e et dernière manche du calendrier du Championnat du monde d'endurance FIA 2018-2019 et ont lieu du 15 au 16 juin 2019. 62 WeatherTech Ferrari to third. The No. The round was the last in the 2018–19 FIA World Endurance Championship and the second time in the season that the series had visited Le Mans. [34], The first qualifying session began late on Wednesday night under clear conditions and on a dry track. Qui l'eut cru????? Des invitations sont attribuées aux écuries qui ont : Ces invitations ne peuvent être attribuées aux concurrents ELMS, Weathertech USCC, Asian LMS et Michelin Le Mans Cup que s'ils ont participé à toutes les épreuves de la série/championnat concerné. [49], The weather was dry and sunny before the race; the air temperature was between 14.5 to 21.2 °C (58.1 to 70.2 °F) and the track temperature 18.8 to 25.5 °C (65.8 to 77.9 °F). Spirit of Race's No. 88 Dempsey-Proton Porsche in the Porsche Curves and issued a fine of €7,000 and six penalty points were added to his race licence. MUSIC: Escala - Clubbed To Death The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (Instrumental) I don't use any own material A vos agenda 2021. [77] Kobayashi increased the No. [25], A test day held on 2 June required all race entrants to participate in eight hours of driving divided into two sessions. 64 Corvette and the left-front corner of Satoshi Hoshino's No. As the race approached its halfway point, Kobayashi relieved Conway in the No. [7] Christensen and Estre needed to finish eighth or better to claim the title as Bruni and Lietz needed to win at Le Mans and their teammates to attain a sub-par result. The automotive group initially planned to accept 60 cars into the race but wishing to not exclude applications of a "high standard" they allowed 62 to race. Toyota had a one-lap per stint advantage of fuel load from the 2018 race reinstated with pit stop fuel flow rate changes. 63 Corvette took second place in LMGTE Pro with successive passes on Tincknell's No. When racing resumed, André Negrão's Signatech car overtook Roman Rusinov's G-Drive car into the second Mulsanne Straight chicane for the LMP2 lead. [14] Driver Misha Goikhberg, who was invited to the race by winning the Jim Trueman Award for being "the top-placed gentleman driver" in the WTSC's Daytona Prototype International category, transferred his automatic entry to WeatherTech Racing per an agreement. Découvrez le calendrier 2019 de 24 Heures du Mans, ne ratez plus une seule séance ou une seule course grâce à Motorsport.com. The No. [76] The No. 7 Toyota retook the race lead from Buemi's No. 84 JMW Ferrari to second and the No. LMGTE Pro class race winners Calado and Pier Guidi passed Bruni and Lietz to end the season in second place. La SMP Racing no 11 passe donc devant, puis la no 3 sort de piste, et doit être réparée pendant plusieurs minutes, profitant alors à la no 1 de la même écurie. A Toyota TS050 Hybrid shared by Mike Conway, Kamui Kobayashi and José María López started from pole position after Kobayashi set the overall fastest lap time in the second qualifying session. 28 TDS car. Cairoli and Bergmeister retained the first two positions in LMGTE Am as Fisichella moved the Spirit of Racing team to third place. ASIAN LMS. The LMGTE class invitations from the ELMS and ALMS were allowed to choose between the Pro and Am categories. Bruni and Lietz followed in third position with 131 points and Tincknell and Priaulx were fourth with 90 points.[7]. The Rebellion team were fourth and fifth with the No. 84 JMW Ferrari in LMGTE Am to three minutes. [44] In LMP2, Oreca cars took the first six positions as Gommendy gave the Graff team pole position with a 3 minutes, 25.073 seconds lap. The No. The No. The No. 31 DragonSpeed, the Graff of Tristan Gommendy and Nyck de Vries' Racing Team Nederland Dallara P217 cars. La #80 de Meyer Shank Racing disparait de la liste des réservistes[7]. [8], Following a two-lap victory for Porsche in the Le Mans Grand Touring Professional (LMGTE Pro) category in 2018, the ACO revised Le Mans' safety implementation system after team managers raised procedural concerns. The No. 24 Heures du Mans 2019 : une édition "anniversaires" Tous les ans des anniversaires nous replongent dans l'histoire de la plus grande course d'endurance au monde. All normally aspirated cars had a maximum fuel level per stint of 50.8 kg (112 lb) and a limit of 48.4 kg (107 lb) for turbocharged cars. Gustavo Menezes' No. Circuit. Vergne ran in clear air to be less than a second behind Lapierre's LMP2 leading No. Ainsi, certaines écuries ont plus de deux invitations (Dempsey-Proton, Porsche, Ford, Ferrari, Aston-Martin Racing) ou des invitations sans être inscrite dans l'un des championnats sus-cités (Cetilar). 51 Ferrari and the No. [85] De Vries' Racing Team Nederland Dallara car had a straightline crash against a barrier on the entry to Indianapolis corner due to a possible broken right-front suspension arm. 24 Heures du Mans. On the 70th anniversary of Ferrari's first overall Le Mans victory the AF Corse team won the Le Mans Grand Touring Endurance Professional (LMGTE Pro) class with James Calado's, Alessandro Pier Guidi's and Daniel Serra's 488 GTE Evo from a Porsche 911 RSR driven by Richard Lietz, Gianmaria Bruni and Frédéric Makowiecki. After the safety cars were withdrawn, Berthon's No. Estre's No. [71] The safety cars separated the LMGTE Pro field, leaving the No. 8 Toyota, completing 385 laps, 16.972 seconds ahead of the No. Calado's LMGTE Pro leading No. Temps. Ils ont été au nombre de sept à pouvoir profiter de cette journée d’essais. ELMS. En effet, malgré 11 voitures inscrites dans les divers championnats ACO et le fait d'avoir remporté les Asian Le Mans Series, l'écurie anglo-américaine ne reçoit pas de 2e invitation. [19] That same day, Michael Shank Racing withdrew its Algarve Pro Racing-run Oreca 07 car from the reserve list because the team was ninth in that list. 1 Rebellion had all Q1 lap times deleted due to the car running the incorrect fuel flow meter. All events. 24 Heures du Mans 2019 #8 - TOYOTA GAZOO RACING (JPN) CAR MODEL : TOYOTA TS050 - HYBRID TYRES : MICHELIN DRIVERS : Sébastien BUEMI (CHE) Kazuki NAKAJIMA (JPN) Fernando ALONSO (ESP) 16/06/2019 Download Laurent and Menezes followed in third place with 114 points, ahead of Aleshin and Petrov in fourth with 94 points and Neel Jani and Lotterer in fifth with 91 points. The Le Mans Grand Touring Endurance Amateur (LMGTE Am) category was led for most of the time by Keating Motorsports' Ford GT of Jeroen Bleekemolen, Felipe Fraga and Ben Keating which was the first to finish the race. 3 car fell behind the SMP duo of Aleshin and Sergey Sirotkin because of a two-minute pit stop. It damaged the car's front bodywork and de Vries required repairs in the garage. [26] Alonso and Buemi agreed that the No. With a time of 3 minutes, 28.504 seconds, Ho-Pin Tung improved the fastest time in LMP2, moving Jackie Chan past Maldonado and Nicolas Lapierre's No. [32] Two Porsches led in LMGTE Pro; Christensen's No. The Michelin Le Mans Cup GT3 champion was limited to the LMGTE Am category. [2] SMP, unable to equal Toyota's pace, were six laps behind in third position with its No. Michelin a pris l'avantage sur Dunlop dans cette séance en ayant 6 voitures dans les 7 voitures les plus rapides. When [the mechanical issues] happened to me and Kazuki in ’16, it was really hard too. [27][28], Buemi was fastest early in the second session with a lap of 3 minutes, 20.068 seconds, which he later improved to a 3 minutes, 19.440 seconds to lead all entries. The impact removed the front bodywork from the No. 1 and No. The car was later disqualified because its fuel tank was discovered to be 0.1 l (0.022 imp gal; 0.026 US gal) more than the LMGTE Am maximum mandated capacity of 96 l (21 imp gal; 25 US gal). Tincknell and García were second and third in class, respectively. Earl Bamber moved the No. 85 Keating Ford after a second sequence of pit stops. [37], Tincknell's No. 20 Oreca 07 were the two cars promoted from the reserve list to the race entry. 24 Heures du Mans 2019. Mathieu Jaminet's No. La première non Oreca, est la Dallara P217 no 29 de l'écurie Racing Team Nederland à la 6e place. 3 Rebellion overtook Aleshin's No. [17], In addition to the 62 entries given invitations for the race, 10 were put on a reserve list to replace any withdrawn or ungranted invitations. [83], The top three teams in each of the four classes appeared on the podium to collect their trophies and spoke to the media in a later press conference. [7] With 155 points, Estre and Christensen won the GTE Drivers' Championship, 18​1⁄2 ahead of Calado and Pier Guidi in second. 62. The car was extricated from a gravel trap by a crane before he crashed for a second time, against an outside barrier entering the Porsche Curves. 66 Ford led LMGTE Pro for most of the session until Antonio García's No. PROTOTYPE : LM P1 PROTOTYPE : LM P2 GRAND TOURISME : LM GT Pro et LM GT AM. Senna's No. Les pilotes lauréats des trophées Jim Trueman et Bob Akin du WeatherTech SportsCar Championship ont été sélectionnés par l'IMSA pour être ceux bénéficiant, avec l'équipe de leur choix, de leurs invitations. 15-16 juin 2019 . The fastest non-hybrid LMP1 entry was André Lotterer's No. [105], Alonso, Buemi and Nakajima took the LMP Drivers' Championship with 198 points. As he restarted the car to return to the pit lane, he and the left-hand side of Conway's unsighted Toyota collided, sending Conway airborne and over González's front bodywork. [69], Conway's No. [94] The Keating Ford of Bleekemoen, Felipe Fraga and Ben Keating led for 273 consecutive laps in LMGTE Am to finish first in the category. 91 Porsches of Tandy and Bruni. 2021. Retour sur la dernière heure de la 87e édition des 24 Heures du Mans - Motorsport.com, vidéos de 24 Heures du Mans [41], As temperatures cooled in the final session, over half of the field improved their fastest laps, but Kobayashi's pole position lap went unchallenged. Patrick Morisseau. 7 car. [83] Toyota had discussed and decided against invoking team orders to switch the positions of both vehicles. [99] Keating Motorsports did not appeal the disqualification. Graff a renforcé sa formation de pilotes avec Alexandre Cougnaud. La #80 de Ebimotors disparait de la liste des réservistes[9]. 8 Toyota and Ben Hanley's No. 51 AF Corse Ferrari passed Rockenfeller's LMGTE Pro class-leading No. [63] Shortly after, the right-rear corner of Marcel Fässler's No. Maldonado was unhurt but the damage to the car necessitated its retirement. 93 Porsche past Rockenfeller for third in class. 63 Corvette continued to lead in LMGTE Pro with a 3 minutes, 54.001 seconds lap from Mike Rockenfeller, three-hundredths of a second faster than Harry Tincknell's No. [43] Orudzhev led the session with a 3 minutes and 16.159 seconds lap for third. 51 AF Corse Ferrari after a sequence of pit stops. Wei Lu lost control of the No. À l'arrivée de la nuit, celle-ci fait une sortie de piste, qui profite à la no 8. The session was stopped for 20 minutes for track marshals to extricate the No. [65] As the safety cars were recalled, the gap to López and Nakajima had fallen to ten seconds and Bleekemolen had extended the lead over Jeff Segal's No. 7 Toyota and a faster pit stop than Buemi returned him to the overall lead. [42] Lamy's No. 24h du Mans 2019. 24 HEURES DU MANS - Sous le regard de ses équipiers Fernando Alonso et Sébastien Buemi, Kazuki Nakajima a bouclé le dernier tour pour offrir à la Toyota n°8 une victoire improbable, dimanche. The Ford GT's weight was increased by 12 kg (26 lb) and its turbocharger boost curve altered to raise its top speed. 43 RLR Oreca was not classified for failing to complete the final lap of the race. Une averse s’étant abattue quelques minutes avant l’ouverture de la piste, la séance a débuté timidement sur une piste humide. Le 2 avril, la FIA annonce que la LMP2 #26 du G-Drive sera une Aurus-01 (en fait leur Oreca 07 rebadgée)[8]. Circuit de la Sarthe at Le Mans, France before approximately 252,500 people [54], In the second hour, Conway continued to pull away from his teammate Buemi. [35] With 46 minutes to go, Roberto González spun the DragonSpeed car at the entry to the Ford Chicane. Thomas Laurent and Gustavo Menezes of the Rebellion Racing team finished third ahead of Aleshin and Petrov in fourth and the Rebellion duo of Neel Jani and André Lotterer in fifth. 43 RLR MSport car at Tetre Rouge corner and the safety cars were deployed to slow the race. [2][96] Buemi added, "I was really happy to finish second but what happened to them is really hard. 51 car made a scheduled pit stop and ceded the class lead to Lietz's No. 32 United Autosports Ligier JS P217-Gibson and High Class Racing's No. [58], The LMGTE Pro class lead became a multi-car battle between representatives of four of the five manufacturers, with the first five positions separated by less than ten seconds. Le calendrier[2] du championnat a la particularité d'accueillir deux éditions des 24 Heures du Mans, les éditions de 2018 et de 2019. 3 entries. [100] Keating stated that a rubber bladder inside a fuel cell expanded by 0.4 l (0.088 imp gal; 0.11 US gal) during the race and the team's refuelling rig was made more efficient by six-tenths of a second. I feel for my teammates because they are not only teammates but friends as well. 86 Gulf car to third in class. [77], In the early morning, some LMGTE cars took the opportunity to change brake discs to ensure that they completed the race. 95 Aston Martin and Paul-Loup Chatin's crash into a tyre barrier at Indianapolis corner disrupted the session. Job van Uitert's G-Drive entry, which had taken the lead of LMP2 from Lapierre's Signatech car, incurred a ten-second stop-and-go penalty taken at its next pit stop because his co-driver Vergne was observed speeding during the full course yellow flag. [80] Not long after, Maldonado lost control of DragonSpeed's No. 99 Dempsey-Proton Porsche was later withdrawn because the team did not wish to elevate the car to the LMGTE Pro class with Krohn's co-drivers Patrick Long and Niclas Jönsson as a duo. [77] The No. The ACO chose two WeatherTech SportsCar Championship (WTSC) teams to be automatic entries regardless of their performance or category. ", "ACO Tweaks Le Mans Safety Car Procedure", "Le Mans 2019: Schedule, full entry list, driver line-up and how to watch on TV and online for 24 hour race", "Comment déposer un dossier d'engagement aux 24 Heures du Mans ? However, the sensors on his car continued to notify Toyota that its front-right tyre was punctured, prompting the team to ask an tyre engineer from Michelin, to check its pressure; no issues were discovered.

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